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LED bicycle turn signal

LED bicycle turn signal

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First, the specifications

1. Wireless remote control steering dot matrix display, wireless remote control cool graphic tail light, wireless remote control laser parallel line

2. The battery uses 3.7v 650mAh lithium electronic rechargeable battery, working for 10 hours on one charge.

3. The remote control uses the CR2032 section, which can be used for three months.

Second, the operation guide

1. Press and hold the main switch for 1 second to turn it on (all lights flash three times), then press and hold for 1 second to turn off (all lights flash). After the power is turned on, the red light on the left side of the host flashes. Press and hold for 3 seconds. (Host display C) , click on any pair of remote controls.

2. Turn the steering switch to the left (the left indicator flashes), and turn the steering switch to the right (the right indicator flashes).

3. Short press the right button of the remote control and the cool tail light graphic is on (the middle blue light flashes) and off.

4. Short press the left button of the remote control to turn the laser parallel line on and off.

5. When the indicator light on the left side of the main unit is always on, it indicates that the battery is not enough. It needs to be charged. When charging, the red indicator on the right is on


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