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Mini Ski Skates Portable Short Skiboard Adjustable Skates Shoes For Snow

Mini Ski Skates Portable Short Skiboard Adjustable Skates Shoes For Snow

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*1.Highly durable Nylon sole and TPU shoelace, which is wear-resistant and not easy to be damaged.
*2. With adjustable metal buckles that can be fixed on any shoe.
*3. It is packed in a drawstring bag, which is portable and easy-to-use.
*4. Available for both men and women, shoes of size 32~55 EU are recommended.
*5. It is suitable for outdoor skiing.

Product Name: Mini Ski Skates
Color: 2021 black-boxed, first-generation thick boxed, second-generation thin boxed, 2021 cool boxed, 2021 black bag, 2021 cool bag, children's black box, children's green box , Black bottom yellow shoelaces, 21 black suits, 21 cool suits
Plate type: two-way
Number of boards: double board
Fixer size: 50 (mm)
Turning radius: 25 (cm)
Specification: 50 (cm)
Hardness: strong
Product material: ABS+nylon material+aluminum alloy
Product color: black green
Product size: free size suitable for US 5-14 EU35-48
Product size: 43.5*14.5*8.5cm
Product weight: Box: 1850g Drawstring bag: 1550g (1 pair)
Packing size: color box size: 45*15*13cm

Product weight: Box: 1700g Drawstring bag: 1552g (1 pair)
Second generation:
Product weight: net weight 1052 grams
Product packaging:
Black drawstring pocket 45*35cm 1085g
English color box packaging 37*15*10cm 1280g
Children's models:
Product size: 39*12*8cm
Fitting size: 32-40 yards
Packing size: 39*14.5*12cm
Product weight: box: 1180g

Package Content :

Mini ski shoe set*1

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